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Modest Swimwear and Activewear Review

I have seriously been recommending this website to all of my friends and family for quality modest Swimwear since I first discovered them a couple of years ago. I feel so confident in this swimwear compared to so many other options I’ve tried over the years. I hope you enjoy reading about my experience, and forgive the lack of pictures for now.

At 33+ weeks pregnant I went for a mini-vacation. We stayed in my in-laws basement suite and swam in their above ground pool with the kids. There was a major heat wave, and we were able to escape the last few days of it mostly with lots of indoor air-conditioning and a cool basement, plus lots of time in the pool. It was 31.5 degrees (celsius) in our house for 3 days before we left, so the contrast was huge. Swimming was sooo nice. I wore my Barbados Blue Margaux Swim Top with my Royal Blue Long Swim Skort. I also have the Margaux Swim Top in Black and the Long Swim Skort in Navy Blue, but didn’t end up wearing a second set. I also have the Adjustable Swim Bra and find it to be comfortable and adequate for my needs. I absolutely love this swim set. The fabric is super high quality and the fit is flexible. While it does fit me better when I’m not 8 months pregnant, I was able to pull up the waist on the Skort to meet the top and cover my baby bump until I was in the water and being just around family I had no issue with it being uncovered in the water. The stretch is phenomenal. The fit is just so comfy and the fabric has not started pilling anywhere, with at least 20 swims and a few times of leaving the chlorine water on it for days. If I had been thinking ahead for this summer I would have ordered the Jenna Swim Tunic before our trip, on account of my baby bump. I may still order it, as I anticipate going swimming a few more times now that everything is open again in Alberta. Now, I just have to decide which color in the Jenna while it’s still on sale. The first time I ordered I got the Navy blue Long Swim Skort with the Black Margaux Swim Top and I felt like it was just to blocky and plain together, and regretted not being a little bolder in my color choice. So I watched for the next sale and brightened up with the Barbados Blue top and Royal Blue bottom. I can wear either with the other and they look great. I recommend going with a bright top or bottom, as it really makes for a beautiful look. The print tops really add a classiness to the look. They have just introduced the Nina Nursing and Maternity Swim Top, but it doesn’t come in 3/4 or long sleeves yet and I’m personally an elbows covered girl. I like my neckline high and my knees covered too. What’s really amazing about Modli swimwear is you have choices. You can go all out on the sun covered or bare your arms and legs depending on your own personal comfort and where you are likely to do all of your swimming. Mix and match to make it your style. What’s even more awesome, they offer all of their styles in PLUS sizes too. While I wear typically wear an L or XL top, there have been times where I have needed 1X and I the difference in having your correct size or trying to make something work is just so real.

Don’t miss your chance to feel gorgeous in the sun this year with a swim set that is comfortable and truly fits YOU.

Shop Modli Swimear for your lovely body.

I also have the Knee Length Sport Skirt With Attached 17″ Leggings. Mine is black with Pink trim. They do sometimes sell out of different sizes and colors, but this skirt is seriously awesome. I love it for walking, biking or running and I have also swam in it a time or two. It’s just super light feeling, and the stretch is great. The pockets are super handy and fashionable too.

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This post contains affiliate links that may generate a small commission for me should you decide to check them out. I appreciate your support and hope you find this info truly helpful.

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