Help Ugandan Families With Food Boxes

Have you thought about helping some people in an another country who have been affected by the Pandemic lockdowns? Did you know that Uganda was locked down for over 3 months, causing already challenging financial conditions to become severely difficult? People in Uganda work hard to get ahead and for those who own their own businesses or work in retail, their jobs and livelihoods were gone overnight. Some of them may recover if they have friends who are able to help from overseas, but many of them will be reduced to starting over. It’s heartbreaking. Even worse, many of these hard working families have been unable to put basic food on the table, and their own government has not stepped up to help. Can you imagine feeding your own children simple sugar water so they don’t get brain damage or going days without eating so your kids can have the little nutrition you can afford? I have been able to help my friends in Uganda, Raymond and Liz, just enough to keep their family nourished, but I’m asking you to help their neighbours by helping Raymond and his family to purchase wholesale food and distribute boxes to needy families In their community. Raymond was able to deliver small packages of sugar and cornmeal, a few weeks ago, and this helped them identify many families in the community who are struggling in an unbelievable way. I’m asking for your help, knowing that there are organizations asking for help all over the world, because it could make a difference to you knowing that someone personally will benefit and that it’s not just an administration getting 90% of the funds. The money raised here will go directly to the food purchasing. Raymond and Liz will do the ground work and purchase the foods and deliver the boxes. They will be using the opportunity to build a membership base. A list of people who can purchase food in the future at discount rates, as a co-op and using subscriptions, and they will also be able to identify needy families who desperately need assistance. Raymond will use his knowledge of wholesale and negotiate with farmers to get the best bulk prices on food. It will become a community project, and he and Liz will not be taking any profit from the donated funds. They will use the opportunity to sell additional boxes and subscriptions to families who can afford to buy, and make a small profit there, and Raymond will continue at his current job (currently reduced to 4 days, after being off completely for 3 months) until subscriptions are high enough to assist his wife full time. Here is the go fund me link I set up. Please visit and read the information on the page to decide if you would like to contribute to this cause. Thank you for reading!

Liz and their 5 children

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