Back to School during COVID-19

After 6 months of being home with my kids and tons of free play and messes, we decided to send our kids back to school. It was a heavy decision, and we will only know in hindsight if we could have done better. Homeschooling sounded like a good idea until we started making plans and realized that our 6 year old really just wanted to be with his classmates, and he was willing to put up with change and weirdness to get back to them. I was worried about the school being off and on again. I was worried about being constantly tested or pushed around my health authorities, based on constantly changing priorities and protocols. I just didn’t want to. In the end, it was our schools decision to be as accommodating and flexible as possible on attendance and allowing study from home in a non-zoom way that helped me finally enroll them. Being enrolled means we are still a part of our community. It means that even if we miss days or weeks because of various non-corona illnesses or school shutdowns, our kids have a place that is waiting for them and their names are on the board. I don’t know what will come, and I can’t control it. We have resolved to eat healthy foods, to avoid sugar and junk food as much as possible and to keep taking probiotic foods and drinks. I have plans to do a picture series on our school lunch and snacks and I’m back to work blogging and writing my kombucha site. Stay tuned

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