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Scotcharoos? I’d never heard of them, but wow! Coconut Sugar Recipe

Coconut Sugar, Honey and Peanut butter, melted together and poured over Rice Krispies, smashed into a pan and drizzled with melted chocolate chips. Easy, delicious, dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free. No marshmallows, not mixers, just a pot and a bowl and a big spoon, and a bowl for melting chocolate in the microwave (or reuse the same bowl) and a 9X13 …

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MOUNDS Hot Chocolate and Mocha (Dairy-Free)

So delicious, and completely dairy free! Mix 1/2 cup Thai Coconut milk (as in the 85% coconut variety, sometimes found in tetra-paks or cans) with 2/3 cup water. Add 1 oz of chocolate syrup (homemade is great of course, and sugar-free even better). Heat to desired temperature using your espresso machine steam wand, milk frother or other available heating method. It’s …

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